Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grad Show! June 2014

In the words of my classmate Nathaniel Meyer, bring on the RICHES AND GLORY!
(and well-needed sleep)... After submitting my thesis this May, I made this giant (disassemble-able) brown bag and paper mache frame. What followed was a bananabread month of all-out artmaking. Here are two pieces that I was considering for the show:
one option: still unfinished
Sleeping Kritty! I like it, but too 'sweet'.
Eventually chose this one:

It evolved constantly-- the figure disappeared and multiplied:
Early Installation
Later Installation (with performance) 
Other residency highlights:

Work by my talented classmates at the
Vandernoot Gallery in Cambridge, MA 
An intervention into Brian Randall's
chalk-line installation

Photorealist painter-- and formidable thinker-
Peter Rostofsky critiques my 'Bad Art' submission.

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