Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meetings with Hannah Barrett and David Curcio

First Mentor Meeting (August 5) NYC: Hannah took a look at my stuff and saw humor and melancholydiscomfort with the things I'm drawn to, and an ambivalence/struggle with the isolation of the art world(She's got me pegged. Simultaneously RESISTING and EMBRACING the art world has been a source of angst lately).

GOALZ: We agreed that this semester I'd paint on pre-primed canvas, stretch it over foam core rather than stretcher bars, and continue working on the smaller projects throughout the next few months. Also- MIX YO COLORS.
Studio Visit with David Curcio (August 15th) Boston:

This visit was a well-needed bop to the head. David Curcio makes delicate and compulsive prints about pills, panic, and pain, with dissonant historical and pop-cultural references. Super cool to see his work in person. And a good reminder that with art comes uncertainty and it's alright to be afraid, as long as you keep plowing forward.

(It helps to remember that I'm not the only person doubting everything I make and having an existential crisis every other second. I've got plenty of company-- famous AND contemporary). I want to be in touch with other artists more.

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  1. Stephanie, I never saw this! Love it! Thanks for the shout out! I hope to see you soon - probably Monday night!